Supporting kind systems, which are applicable under campsite and field conditions, such as CBRN decontamination equipment, basic means of field catering and field accommodation solutions.
The Field Deployable Supporting Systems division deals with systems, equipment and devices which are applicable for supporting the tasks of the principle functions of military troops and disaster management first responders under campsite and field conditions:
  • systems for CBRN decontamination of vehicles and technical means, as well as personnel decontamination and showering, which solutions are available as containerized, trailer-based or vehicle-mounted configurations, according to the customer's request
  • containerized kitchens, field kitchen trailers and mobile/portable cooking equipment and kits, which create the basis of field catering supplies
  • field accommodation solutions – based on 20'-containers, pneumatic or solid-frame tents and combinations thereof – together with complementary devices, such as tent heating and mobile air conditioning units.