Gas Detector Family
GTI-SGM (-EX) Gas Detector Family


  • Industrial safety
  • Workplace monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Mobile survey


  • EMI protected electronics, durable construction, designed for industrial environments
  • Avaible in plastic or stainless steel housing
  • High resistance against sensor poisoning
  • Excellent zero point stability
  • Short warm-up time
  • High reliability, automatic self-checks and sensor-test
  • Remote updatability (settings and firmware)
  • Low power consumption, high efficiency
  • RS-485 Modbus protocol
  • Optional encrypted communication
  • Explosion-proof versions available (ATEX certificate)

The purpose of the GTI-SGM (-EX) Gas Detector Family is the detection of the presence of specific gases and the measurement of their concentration in industrial environments. GTI-SGM (-EX) detectors can be easily integrated into existing facility monitoring systems or connected to monitoring stations via serial line communication. The detectable gases depend on the type of the applied sensors. They can be electrochemical, pellistor, photoionization and infrared sensors. The detectors are available in two explosion-proof versions. We provide full support for our instruments with extended laboratory services. The calibration of the is performed with certified gas samples. The following list of measurable gases contains the most common examples, however, a wide range of sensors or special requirements: CH2CHCN, NH3, (CH3)2NH, C2H4O, COCl2, H2, HCN, H2S, SO2, Cl2, CH3OH, NO2, NO, CO, C6H14, CH4, C3H8, C4H8, C6H6

Technical parameters

Relative humidity range
10 ... 90 %
Pressure range
86 kPA - 106 kPa
Temperature range:
-20.....+55 °C
Power requirement
9-32 V DC
Data transfer
600 g in stainless steel housing
160 g plastic housing
Warm-up time
2s ... 60s, depending on the type of sensor
Cable size:
4x0,25mm2 ... 4x0,5mm2 shielded
Ingress protection
IP65/IP64 (stainless steel versions))
IP54 (plastic versions))
ATEX protection: II 2G Ex d IIC T5 Gb
Certificate: EN IEC 60079-0:2018, EN 60079-1:2015, EN
60079-14:2014, EN 60204-1
ATEX protection: II 2G Ex eb ib mb IIB T6 Gb
Certificate: EN IEC 60079-0:2018, EN 60079-7:2016, EN IEC
EN IEC 60079-7:2015/A1:2018, MSZ EN 60079-11:2012, MSZ EN
60079-18:2015, MSZ EN 60079-18:2015/A1:2018