Intelligent Scintillation Detector
NDI Intelligent Scintillation Detector


  • Physical research
  • Chemical research
  • Medical isotope diagnostics
  • Environment monitoring


  • For performing user defined measurement tasks with programming features
  • Connecting possibility of an RS-485 serial line to PC, max. 32 units on one cable


  • Analysing program for the indentification of up to 100 isotopes
  • Medical applications (thyroid uptake, renography)
  • Software package for special purposes

The MultiACT multipurpose nuclear spectrometric software package may be coupled with the NDI intelligent detector system. Alpha counting, beta counting and gamma spectrometry is possible at the same time with sandwich crystals

In the NDI probes the analyzer is built into the detector itself. This design is creating an intelligent detector that contains all the necessary electronic units. Its microcontroller not only forwards the spectrums but analyses and separates the impulses according to width and amplitude and forwards the measurement results towards the data acquisition unit. The optional spectrum stabilizer circuit measures the light of the LED that is built into the NaI scintillator allowing long endurance and maintenanceless operation even under extreme climatic conditions. The built-in electronics contain a memory module large enough to perform the user defined specific measurement tasks. The regulation of the power supply is mastered digitally so the individual calibration procedure can be performed easily and precisely. The intelligent detector is an excellent tool for measuring specific radioisotopes with high sensitivity. Compound scintillators are available with the NDI probes making separation of alpha, beta and gamma radiation possible. The output signal can be connected to PC.

MultiACT Functions

Sample measurements
  • Alpha counting
  • Beta counting
  • Gamma spectrometry
Calibration procedure
  • pulse width calibration
  • channel number versus radiation energy
  • peak width versus radiation energy
  • counting efficiency versus radiation energy
The MultiACT menu system
The interactive structure has three functional modes:
  • SAMPLE measuring
  • A/B threshold pulse shape discrimination