Intelligent Scintillation Detector
RadNDI Intelligent Scintillation Detector


  • Physical, chemical research
  • Medical isotope diagnostics
  • Postal facilities
  • Alpha-, beta-, gamma- and neutron radiation measurement at nuclear facilities
  • Radiation portal monitor and aerosol application


  • Analysis software for the identification of close to a hundred radionuclides
  • Medical application (thyroid examination, renography)
  • Software package for special purposes
  • Users can learn the webpage based usage in 10 minutes


  • Performing user defined measurement tasks in a programmable way
  • Radionuclide identification (RID) feature
  • Dose rate measurement
The RadNDI is an intelligent, screenless scintillation detector for the separate or simultaneous measurement of alpha-, beta-, gamma- and neutron radiation. It measures the following parameters: spectrum, identified radionuclides, gamma, X-rays and neutron count per seconds [cps], gamma and X-rays radiation in ambient dose equivalent rates H*(10) [Sv/h].
The analyzer is built-in directly into the detector itself, this way the instrument contains all necessary electronic units for data acquisition. The detector is capable to communicate in multiple ways via wired connection with the central data logger PC. In the appropriate construction it is capable to initiate local visual and audible alarms (signaling column). Its design and the used materials, parts ensure that it can be used under different operational conditions, i.e. fixed or mobile, outdoors or indoors. The detector is energy-stabilized (natural background) without sources. The detector has self-diagnostics in hardware and software aspects too.

Technical parameters

Measurement range for γ radiation
60 nSv/h ... 240 μSv/h

Isotope identification
at least the following radionuclides:
K-40, Co-57, Co-60, I-131, Ba-133,
Cs-137, Ir-192, Ra-226, Th-232, Am-241

Energy range
20 keV ... 3 MeV

Gamma spectrum
512 ... 4096 amplitude channels
Energy stabilisation
natural background

Adjustable measurement time range
0.25 s ... 30 days

Webserver; Modbus (RTU) over RS-
485, Ethernet; SDK or USB,,
optional WiFi (external module)

Calibration and test

Power supply
9 ... 32 VDC 5W or POE
Operational temperature range
-30 °C ... +55 °C

IP20 or IP68 for indoor, outdoor
or underwater usage,
EMC conformity IEC 61017

Dimensions, weight
351x75 mm (LxD), 1.65 kg

Webserver based user interface
with hardware setup and
control utility