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FA-3 half mask
FA-3 half mask


The FA-3 half masks with changeable twin filters forms a respiratory protective equipment. The half mask itself consists of the following main parts:
  • flexible face piece made from chloroprene, which softly fits to the wearer's face without irritating the skin
  • head and neck straps which are flexible and easily adjustable
  • two threaded filter holders for the twin filters The threads are specially for the Respirator twin filters (according to the requirements of the relevant standard). The simply assembled


The mask can only be used with Respirator® twin filters. The half mask, assembled with the appropriately selected twin filters, will effectively protect the user from airborne particles, bacteria, poisonous gases and vapours.

Limits of use:

The half mask is not allowed to be used:

  • when the oxygen content in the ambient air is less than 17%, which is often the case in closed spaces such as wells, tunnels, cisterns, etc
  • when the type and concentration of the contaminant is unknown.
  • when the concentration of the contaminant is higher than 1000 ppm (0,1 v%)
  • when there is strong danger of explosion or fire.
  • only Respirator® twin-filters, made by Gamma Technical Corporation, can be used

Filter type breathing protective device may be used only in the case of the joint availability of the above conditions. If there arises any doubt or the circumstances are not known, a breathing

Technical parameters:

Filter canister class1 (twin filters)
Filter type Colour code Artide number Protection
A1B1E1K1P3 RD R2237 Against organic and inorganic, acidic gases and vapours as well as ammonia and airbone particles. NOT AGAINST CARBON MONOXIDE!
P3 R R2321 Against poisonous, airbone, solid and liquid particles, bacteria and viruses

Inhalation resistance(Pa):
at 30 l/min air s tream: 50 Pa
at 95 l/min air s tream: 130 Pa
at 160 l/min air stream: 200 Pa
Exhalation resistance (Pa):
at 160 l/min air stream: 300 Pa
Mass of the half mask:: max.160 g
Nominal Protection Factor: 20


The FA-3 half mask meets the requirements of EN 140. The gas and combined twin filters are certified according to DIN EN 14387:2008 +A1, the P3 particle filter is certified according to DIN EN 143:2007.