A műszergyártás cégünk tradicionális tevékenységei közé tartozik. Több évtizedes tapasztalattal rendelkezünk a nukleáris méréstechnika, valamint környezeti monitoring állomások, távadók, helyi és országos kiterjedésű mérőhálózatok fejlesztése és gyártása terén.

Gamma Technical Corporation started its operation with manufacturing precision measuring tools in the 1920s, thus measurement has always been in the focus of our interest ever since.

As part of our core competencies, we offer a versatile range of hand-held, on-board and stationary instruments, including complex radiation protection and emission-monitoring systems for isotope labs and nuclear facilities, radiation level and contamination meters, isotope identifiers and portable sample analyzers even for a wide range of applications.
GAMMA Technical Corporation has 60 years of experience in the field of manufacturing radiation measuring devices and scintillation crystals. Our line of radiation portal monitor systems includes fixed, vehicle-mounted and mobile devices with optional isotope identification capability.
One of our company’s main activities are manufacturing stationary and mobile monitoring stations and implementing local, as well as nationwide monitoring networks and early-warning systems, including the central data acquisitioning system components.
We provide our systems for disaster management, CBRN Defence, environmental protection, radiation protection, air and water quality monitoring, radioactive particle monitoring, emission monitoring, meteorological and agricultural applications.
As our company had the pleasure to implement one of Hungary’s largest monitoring networks, just as several other smaller-scale monitoring systems, we gained vast experience in planning, implementing and maintaining monitoring systems, including the cooperation with the competent authorities during those project phases.
With all our expertise, we are open to support our current and prospective partners in the planning and realization of any kind of environmental or emission monitoring projects.

Our line of Radiation Portal Monitors consists of the numerous available types of the BNS-94 portal monitor family, optimized for checking persons, vehicles, cargoes, packages, etc., including mobile versions, as well.
The BNS-94 systems are capable of the followings:
• highly sensitive, continuous measurement of gamma radiation;
• compensation of background radiation;
• energy selective measurement to distinguish between natural, medical and industrial radiation sources;
• optional indication of neutron radiation;
• optional isotope identification.
The BNS-94 portal monitors provide high sensitivity either to low and high energy gamma radiations with relatively small size, low weight and reasonable prices. The possible limit of detection is as low as 1.02 times the actual background, depending on the applied detector and the energy of radiation.

Hand-held and portable instruments, on-board measuring systems
Gamma has developed and produced 5 generations of hand-held radiation measuring instruments since the 1950s. We provide rugged dose rate, radiation level and surface contamination meters with wide measuring range for civilian and military applications. Our latest developments are focusing on the isotope identification radiation source localization and spectrum analysis capabilities of our portable instruments.
Customized on-board measuring systems are available for aerial and terrestrial vehicles.

CBRN detection systems
The roots of GAMMA Technical Corporation’s core competencies in the field of CBRN defence track date back to the late 1950s when the company started developing and producing radiation and chemical warfare agent measuring instruments. Nowadays our company offers complex CBRN building monitoring systems, as well as on-board CBRN detections systems for infantry vehicles, special purpose reconnaissance vehicles and mobile laboratories.
Gamma has developed and delivered a unique, helicopter-based airborne radiation reconnaissance system for the Hungarian Defence Forces. The low weight and small size version of the system makes it suitable for UAVs as well.