Complex CBRN
Building monitoring system
Complex CBRN building monitoring system


  • Labs
  • Nuclear facilities
  • High-security buildings


  • Provides complete protection against CBRN threats
  • Uses the existing communication, power infrastructure
  • Can be customized according to the local needs
  • Includes the common security elements
The Complex CBRN building monitoring system combines the common security techniques with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detectors and provides a solution which can be easily integrated by any special institute (labs, nuclear facilities, high-security buildings etc.). The sensors and interfering units can generate different signals using the existing communication infrastructure. The system is highly flexible since the sensors, alarming, interfering and acknowledgement units can be configured according the customers’ needs. For example: a warning threshold signal from a radiation detector will only start a flashing light in the lab where it is installed but if the measured value exceeds the alarm level, it will activate all alarm units in the building and open all the doors on the escape routes.

The BNS-97S radiation protection monitor, meeting the most recent IEC 60846- 1:2009 standards, as well as the outdoor and indoor versions of the BNS-94 radiation control gate family are parts of the system. The applied GTI gas transmitter can detect toxic industrial chemicals and by means of the TVS-3 meteorological station, the spread of the effusing gases can be calculated. Open path infrared gas detectors can measure and identify different gases from a distance up to 40 meters. Entrance points can be checked by the BNS-94PH hybrid personal radiation control gate, providing hand and feet contamination detection. Products of different suppliers are used in the system and the integration of additional devices is very easy.

The common security elements, i.e. control panel, user interface, card reader, etc., are parts of the Complex CBRN system. Nevertheless, the already existing alarm system does not need to be replaced to apply the Complex CBRN system since it is compatible with the systems of several manufacturers. Due to the wide configurability, the Complex CBRN can be implemented in both small and large scale security systems.