Wheeled radiation portal monitor


- Logistics centers,
- Airports,
- Postal facilities,
- Custom's checkpoints, etc.

Suitable for the swift check of persons, baggages, mails and whole cargoes.

The BNS-94PM Wheeled Radiation Portal Monitor was developed by Gamma Technical Corporation to serve as a mobile, highly sensitive device for reconnaissance and testing natural and artificial radiation sources. The basic version of BNS-94PM contains 2 scintillation probes with high sensitivity for gamma radiation, optionally neutron detector(s) are also available. The applied patented measurement method assures background, shielding and speed compensation. The integrated computer receives the data from the detector units in every half seconds and calculates the actual alteration from the average background level. If the difference exceeds the preset value an alarm goes off and the event gets registered into a log file.