Our special laboratories (chemical, nuclear, shock and vibration test, etc.) are run by our R&D department. Facilities are avaiable for R&D, type testing (operationel and military technological tests), periodical checking and calibration tasks.

Avaiable laboratories:
  • test labs (environmental, climatic and mechanical tests)
  • calibration labs for ionizing radiation measuring instruments
  • chemical and chemical calibration labs
  • climatic and environmental resistance test labs
  • prototype testing labs

Main funcions of some of our laboratories:

Chemical laboratories at our company:

The primary function of the chemical calibration lab is the adjustment and calibration of gas transmitters measuring toxic and explosive gases. The workstation is evolved within the climatic test lab where the compensation of the gas transmitters\' temperature dependence is carried out at the same time. A separate lab is used for measuring the weight and breathing resistance of filter canisters, testing the filter penetration against liquid aerosols (paraffin oil) and solid aerosols (sodium-chloride), as well as for testing the protection capabilities of industrial and military filter canisters against gases, vapors and chemical warfare agents (chloropicrine, hydrogen cyanide).
In our chemical labs we use reference materials (gas mixtures). Gas mixers are used to produce a wide range of concentrations for multi-point calibrations and special measurement ranges.

Calibration labs for ionizing radiation measuring instruments:

Apart from the R&D tasks the function of the labs is the adjustment and calibration of radiation measuring devices of GAMMA, as well as other manufacturers. Reference gamma fields are available in Gy/h, Sv/h and R/h units and we have more than 70 radiation sources in our inventory. We are accredited for the secondary verification of the calibration of our instruments.