The technological complexity, necessary for the fulfillment of our production tasks is also available for other producers.
Owing to the available technologies (f.e. CNC precision machining, sheet processing, pressing, welding, painting, antistatic and/or clean room assembly), human resources, experience and infrastructure (12.000 m2 workshops, warehouses, offices, laboratories, within 52.000 m2 land), we are ready for customized, OEM, piece manufacturing or fulfill your batch production orders.
The parts manufacturing/ precision machining plant of GAMMA Technical Corporation has wide experiences and production capacities of processing metals and plastics.
Precision machining is operated as an independent production unit, its activities and machinery are constantly developed in order to maintain the high productivity level and impeccable quality of workpieces.
Within the electronic parts production, we are ready for small series production of your parts or products.
Along with manufacturing complete instrument or subassemblies, as a part of our local support GAMMA specializes in the assembly, maintenance, overhaul or repair of 3rd parties product (On-site/In-site).
Our various special laboratories (chemical, nuclear, shock and vibration, etc) are ready for quality testing and maintenance, repair or production support.

The following machines ensure the potential to complete various kinds of manufacturing projects, with the capability of working with a wide variety of metal and plastic materials:
  • CNC machining centres
  • CNC milling machines
  • Array electrode spark CNC machine
  • Wire-cut spark CNC machine
  • Traditional milling machines
  • Traditional lathes
  • Position drills
  • Surface grinding and cylindrical grinding machines
  • TIG and MIG/MAG welding equipment
  • Different kinds of machine presses (e.g. sheet metal, etc.)
  • Vibrating abrasion equipment
  • 3D Multi Jet Fusion printing
The line of machinery is continuously extended and upgraded, which combined with our skilled technicians keeps the productivity of the factory and the quality of both the manufacturing and the produced parts at the highest level possible at all times. The factory is ISO 9001:2015 and AQAP 2110:2016 certified and to ensure the top notch quality we utilize with great effect our professional, regularly controlled and calibrated quality inspection instruments as well.

Beyond manufacturing we can provide complete delivery service and designing/engineering capacity as well.