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Izotope laboratory

The function of the isotope lab is the adjustment, calibration and maintenance of old and newly developed radiation measurement devices of the Gamma Technical Corporation and other manufacturers.

The instrument may be:


  • gamma dose-rate meter or transmitter, radiation level meter -  in case of military devices;
  • gamma dosimeter;
  • alpha, beta surface contamination meter;
  • beta, gamma activity and concentration meter;
  • gamma or gamma + neutron sensitive, stationary or portable radiation control gates;
  • alpha-, beta-, gamma-, neutron-sensitive and combined radiation detector;
  • assemblies for various measurement tasks.


More than 70 radiation sources are available for R&D, type testing (operative and military technological tests - in case of military devices), periodical checking and calibration tasks.


Reference gamma fields in Gy/h, Sv/h and R/h units:


  • linearity measurement with Cs-137 radiation source up to 1 mGy/h, with Co-60 up to 200 µGy/h,
  • energy- and direction-dependence measuring with Am-241, Cs-137, Co-60 sources.

Beta surface contamination calibration

  • with Sr-90+Y-90, Tl-204, C-14 large surface reference sources.

Alpha surface contamination calibration

  • with Am-241large surface reference sources.

Beta concentration calibration

  • with K-40, Cs-137, Sr-90+Y-90 volumetric standards.

Measuring the efficiency of neutron detection

  • with Pu-Be source.

Adjustment and qualification of scintillation crystals and probes during manufacturing, development and test of new devices.