Light NBC protective suit set with accessories
Light NBC protective suit set with accessories Field of application The Reguard® PE Tyvek® protective overall with its accessories provides the wearer with excellent protection against effects of the Bird Flu and Swine Flu during the related operations. It prevents the toxic substances from getting into respiratory organs and skin. Requard® PE-Tyvek® light NBC protective overall Hooded protective overall pulled in arms, with covered zipper, made from an unique spun bonded material formed under pressure and heat from high density polyethylene fibres. By carrying an additional liquid PE-sheet /yellow-coloured/ on the surface of Tyvek® we obtain an excellent material which withstands the medium concentrated chemical substances and preserves the mechanical properties and comfort feeling of the Tyvek®. It is airtight and impermeable for the particles, radioactive particles, organic, carcinogenic etc. Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL. Standards: EN 430, EN 466, EN 386. Shoe protective over boots Shoe protective boots with PE-Tyvek upper part and Saranex sole which is a laminated Tyvek® with one layer of Saranex 23 film, thus obtaining more durability and an impermeable material for particles, drops and liquids of different chemical and biological substances. Available in one universal size. Protective gloves 5-fingers unsupported synthetic nitril protective gloves, made from oleoprene. It has anatomical shape with curved fingers and fluted finger-tips, patterned palm and fingers for extra grip. It is particularly flexible with excellent dexterity and has good chemical and microbiological resistance and high resistance to solvents and paints. Available in 4 sizes with 30 cm length. Standards: EN 420, EN 388, EN 347. /chemical and microorganisms hazards/

Protective googles

The protective goggles totally protects the eyes, has PVC frame and adjustable, tightening strap. The glasses mask is made of flexible and colourless PVC, the material of the Multiroc screen is polycarbonate with antistreaks treatment. The goggles can be worn with dioptre glasses. It provides an excellent protection against non-specified. mechanical hazards, high speed particles. Standard: EN 146.

FFP2 dust mask

FFP2 DV dust mask with exhalation valve, it is totally welded which ensures not only comfort and fit for the user but increases the mask life. It has low breathing resistance and is "D" liable to be used for more than one working shift. Suitable for protection against solid and water based liquid aerosols. Available in one size. Standard: EN 149.