R13 fire-fighter protective suit
R13 fire-fighter protective suit The R13 fire-fighter protective suit is a multi-layered outerwear clothing, consisting of a jacket and trousers that overlay each other with at least 30 cm. Their base fabric and colour are the same, providing equal protection of the covered body surface up to the specified maximum heat stress and during the specified maximum duration. The product meets requirements of the relevant EN 469 Standard.


The outer layer is a water repellent textile fabric layer, providing protection against flame and heat and also against injuries arising from mechanical and chemical impacts. It is made of kermel and carbon, permanently anti-static, where its antistatic quality is provided by the fibre component of the fabric. Its colour is dark blue or black and its surface density is < 220 g/m2.

The membrane laminated on the fire and chemical resistant carrier fabric provides the evaporation of sweat from the body surface and the protection of the body against the effects of water and chemicals. Its fabric is 57% meta-aramid, 29% para-aramid, 7% PTFE and 7% polyurethane. The surface density of the membrane and carrier fabric together is 210 g/m2.

Design of the protective jacket

The protective jacket can be closed via a heavy endurance plastic zip lock. The zip lock is a quick release panic zip lock. The location of the zip lock and the configuration of its connecting parts ensure the ability to lock or unlock it while wearing gloves. A watertight cover strap ensures the protection of the zip lock that is affixed in its entire length by Velcro.

Design of the protective trousers

The protective trousers are made with at least 10cms of vertical waist extension, where the waist part is elastic and made with a fix abundance adjusting part. It is equipped with a minimum 3cm wide elastic suspender, where the suspender is made of high tensile strength rubber, its length is adjustable, and there is no loose end after adjusting. The adjusting part ensures protection against unwanted release and slip. The suspenders can be removed from the trousers.

EU type examination certificate

R13 has a EU type examination certificate, issued by Centexbel, Notified Body 0493. This CE type examination certificate is valid until 12/02/2025:

EU type examination certificate