Spectrometric evaluation software
For scintillation detectors


  • Medical isotope diagnostics
  • Environmental sample evaluation
  • Support for specific measurement tasks in nuclear facilities
  • Aerosol-, liquid-, smears sample measurements
  • Simultaneous alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron spectra display


  • Automatic peak search, isotope identification based on a customizable isotope library, activity calculation
  • Customizable UI, visualization of spectra, and acquisition progress based on measurement cycle set
  • Different data export and import formats, compatible with ANSI/IEEE N42.42-2020
  • Pulse width – amplitude matrix shape measurement to separate radiation types
  • Modular design, individual measurement tasks can be implemented on demand
  • Perform Quick test measurements without changing detector parameters
  • Create PDF reports based on customizable MS Word templates
  • Adjustable Range Of Interest – CPM and activity display
  • Simultaneous measurement with several instruments
  • Save features including a database, archiving system
  • Automated calibration of optical energy regulation
  • Changeable evaluation parameters to filter results
  • Possibility to set multiple user levels, privileges
  • Multi-level user calibration
The RadSpect software package is designed primarily for scintillation detectors manufactured by Gamma Technical Corporation The software package has an easily expandable modular structure, this makes it easy to assemble the right software tool for a given radiation measurement task. RadSpect has been developed to fulfil the requirements of modern nuclear instrumentation and to meet the specific needs of customers.


Isotope identification
Expandable isotope library. Predefined, categorised libraries: Industrial, Medical, Tenorm, Norm, SNM
Peak search
Customizable, optional algorithms
Peak fitting
Peak and multiplet (overlapped) fit by Gaussian and other functions
Supported import, export of data
- Energy calibration
- FWHM calibration
- Gamma efficiency function, or total alpha, beta, gamma efficiency calibration
Regulation of detector
High voltage digit, software / hardware discrimination
Possible scintillators
Sandwich (Phoswich) and NaI(Tl), CsI(Tl), BGO, LaBr3(Ce) etc.
Background subtraction
Background can be considered as calculation parameter
Display of data
Collected, processed, displayed pulse count, CPS/CPM display, isotope or total equivalent activity, error calculation (ISO 11929)
Multilingual interface
Expandable on demand
Supported detectors