HazMat Laboratory Vehicle


  • Evaluation of CBRN/HazMat related incidents, on-site monitoring and personnel decontamination


  • personal protective equipment
  • 4-channel gas detectors
  • Ex-Ox measuring instrument
  • chemical detection kit
  • portable GC/MS
  • personal dosimeters
  • hand-held radiation level and contamination measuring instrument
  • adioactive contamination measuring instrument for food and other bulk or liquid samples
  • deployable / vehicle-mountable environment monitoring station (meteo sensors, radiation and gas detectors
  • hand-held Raman spectrometer
  • hand-held FTIR spectrometer
  • bio agent detection kit
  • sampling kit
  • first responder decontamination kit
  • marking kit
  • area lighting set
  • power generator
  • thermo camera
  • communication equipment
The HazMat Laboratory Vehicle takes position outside the hot zone fully prepared to start the on-site examination of the samples gathered either by the DIM teams or the crew of the lab vehicle. State-of-the-art instrumentation supports the crew in analysing and evaluating the samples such as portable GC/MS and IH-111 radiological contamination measuring instrument that enables the identification of radioactive contamination in food, soil or other liquid or bulk samples. The Mobile Lab vehicle is a key component of an efficient HazMat fleet. Completed with further radio-linked subunits such as Detection, Identification and Monitoring (DIM) vehicle, mobile command post, ambulance and decon system the fleet creates a highly effective disaster management force.