Radiation-Shielded Emergency Vehicle
RDO-3221 KOMONDOR Radiation-Shielded Emergency Vehicle

The RDO 3221 Komondor RSV is a radiation-shielded, monocoque bodied, multipurpose vehicle, designed for Nuclear Security applications, that is part of the KOMONDOR light armoured vehicle family developed by Gamma Technical Corporation.

Main purpose:

  • Rescue missions in radiation contaminated areas, transporting up to 8 passengers
  • Radiation reconnaissance tasks
  • Available in 6x6 configuration for 10 passengers

Main features:

  • High level of radiation shielding
  • 2 stage collective protection system
  • Off-road capability
  • Passenger area is suitable for decontamination with high pressure technique
  • Measuring areas: outside, driver and passenger area
  • On-board radiation control system (separate dose measurement for driver, commander and passenger area)
  • Automatic calculation of exposure limit
  • Alarms in case of high level of external radiation, reaching the exposure limit value, internal contamination, etc.