RDO-4336 MPV

Armoured firefighter/technical recovery
RDO 4336 MPV

RDO 4336 MPV main features (based on RDO 4332):
Multipurpose armoured base vehicle:

  • Armoured double cab and body for 2+4 crew
  • Unique quick fixing solution for interchangeable superstructures
  • Integrated hydraulic drive system for external equipments
  • 38 t towing capacity, 14 t load capacity
  • Protection against fragments (gas tanks, UXO)
  • Preparation for fire-fighter equipment
  • Built-in Ultra High Pressure extinguisher System
  • Wide range of interchangeable superstuctures (firefighter, technical recovery, ambulance, etc...) and front mounting (snowplough, blade, snowblowers, mulcher, etc...)

KOMONDOR armoured vehicle family:

VCSF 7000 Firefighter superstructure:

  • 7000 l water tank with fire-fighter pump
  • Remote controlled front nozzles
  • Field extinguishing ability
  • Self-extinguishing capacity
  • Integrated command elements

GMMF-20 Technical recovery superstructure:

  • 11 t meter hydraulic crane
  • Lift-tow fork with up to 8 t capacity
  • 5 kVA electric power generator
  • Hydraulic power rescue set
  • 38 t towing ability