CBRN-E Decontamination Vehicle

CBRN-E Decontamination Vehicle

The purpose of the CBRN-E Decontamination Vehicle is the on-site decontamination of intervening personnel and their equipment after the execution of CBRN-E related tasks.

The functional areas of the vehicle:

• machinery and loading compartment

• pre-decontamination area

• personnel decontamination area

• post-treatment area

The pre-decontamination area is equipped with a mobile decontamination unit, used for the predecontamination of persons wearing protective gear. Following pre-decontamination, the protective gear and clothing are removed. The personnel decontamination area permits the execution of decontamination in two phases: first with a mixture of warm water and a personal decontamination agent, followed by rinsing with warm water. There is one fixed and one hand-held decontamination (shower) head for each phase. The post-treatment area serves for drying and for putting on the post-personnel-decontamination clothing kit.


The vehicle is equipped with:

water system including: clean water
tank, pressure pump, flow-through
water heater, wastewater pump,
wastewater tank

on-board monitoring system including:
gamma dose rate transmitter, meteo
station, on-board military grade PC,
event signal and alarm unit
• internal audio communication system
• on-board video-, voice-, and data
management system
• emergency vehicle warning system
• built-in generator
• pre-decontamination unit