Class-2 threaded filters
Class-2 threaded filters

General features:

The Respirator's class-2, EN threaded filter cartridges have metal housing made of aluminium alloy. Their inner structure consists of two different parts:
  • Activated carbon which removes the contaminating gases and vapours from the inhaled air in physical and/or chemical way.
  • Filtering part made of particular quality paper by folding. This removes the solid or liquid contaminating particles from the inhaled air.
Gas filters contains only the first layer, particle filters only the second one and combined filters contain both.

Limitations of use

The filter cartridges can be used if the concentration of the contaminants in the air is not higher than 5000 ppm (0,5 v%) and the oxygen content of the air is 17 v% minimum. The filter cartridges may not be used if the contamination present causes immediate death or permanent injury of health (IDLH).


All types are furnished with colour labels according to the standard as shown by the table attached.

Gass filters    
Against solvents, organic gases and vapours with a boiling point > 65°C A2
Against inorganic gases and vapours B2
Against acidic gases and vapours E2
Against ammonia and amine derivatives K2
Against solvents, organic gases and vapours with a boiling point < 65°C AX
Against organic and inorganic gases and vapours A2B2
Against organic and inorganic, acidic gases and vapours as well as ammonia A2B2E2K2
Particle filters    
Against poisonous, airborne, solid and liquid particles, bacteria and viruses.   P3 R
Combined filters    
Against as A2 and P3 together A2P3 RD
Against as B2 and P3 together B2P3 RD
Against as E2 and P3 together E2P3 RD
Against as K2 and P3 together K2P3 RD
Against as AX and P3 together AXP3 RD
Against as AB2 and P3 together A2B2P3 RD
Against as ABEK2 and P3 together A2B2E2K2P3 RD
Against as ABEK2HG and P3 together A2B2E2K2HgP3 RD
Against as radioactive gases and vapours and P3 together Reaktor P3 D


The technical parameters of the filters comply with the provisions of the DIN EN 14387:2008 +A1, EN 143:2007, EN 148-1 as well as DIN 3181-3:1994 standards. All types are CE marked.

Technical parameters

  • Combined filters: 350 gramm
  • Gas filters: 310 gramm
  • Particle filters: 110 gramm
Pressure drop by 30l/minute:
  • Combined filters: < 200 Pa
  • Gas filters: < 140 Pa
  • Particle filters: < 100 Pa

Threaded connection:

40 x 1/7" cord thread, according to EN 148-1