Class-2 Particle Filter
Class-2 Particle Filter

The particle filter P3 R contains HEPA 14 glass fiber filter media with 99.97% efficiency for particles ≥ 0.3 microns in diameter, in accordance with EN 1822 standard.

Technical Data Sheet:

Description P3 R
Part Number R 2502
Marking according to EN P3 R
Conditions of use against particles, aerosols viruses, bacteria ellen
Colour code white
Weight [g] 105
Diameter [mm] 108
Height incl. thread [mm] 58
Connection EN-148-1
Breathing resistance
at EN14387 requirements Typical values
30 l/min 1,2 mbar 0,67 mbar
95 l/min 4,2 mbar 2,19 mbar
Filter type and class Particles of references EN 143 requirements Typical values
P3 sodium chloride [NaCl] 0,05 % <0,01 %
paraffin oil 0,05 % <0,01%
R Reusable according to EN143:2001
Housing aluminium
Cover (part of the filter)) polypropylene
Filtering material HEPA filtering paper
Details/Special Information:
Storage conditions and time: -10°C to +40 °C <80 % r.h. 10 years