Personnel Decontamination Container (SZMK)
Personnel Decontamination Container (SZMK)


Personnel decontamination of troops that have acted on a CBRN contaminated territory.

Main components:

Built-in equipment:

  • water tank (1200L, stainless steel)
  • central control panel
  • hot water module (HWM-35C)
  • power generator (CAMINO 35DS)
  • 2 * shower sections

Loaded-in equipment:

  • 2 * undressing tent (7,5 *5,6 m)
  • 2 * dressing tent (11,5 *5,6 m)
  • collapsible water tank (3000L - as water sourse)
  • collapsible water tank (6000L - for used water)
  • mobile air conditioner
  • tent heating module

The capability of the system is based on 2 (separated from each other by a solid wall) decontami-nation sections with 2 personnel decon lines in each and having 3 showers in all. The 1st shower provides with a mixture of warm water and personnel decon agent the 2nd and 3rd ones provide with clean warm water for rinsing. Capacity: 240-300 persons/hour.

This development project won a KMOP-1.1.4-09-2009-0037 support.