The technological facilities necessary for the fulfillment of our production tasks are also available for other producers.
Owing to the available technologies (CNC precision machining, sheet processing, pressing, welding, painting, antistatic and/or clean room assembly, etc.), human resources, experiences and infrastructure (12.000 m2 workshops, warehouses, offices, laboratories, on a 52.000 m2 land), we are ready for customized, OEM, single piece manufacturing or for fulfilling your batch production orders.

Our special laboratories are ready for quality testing and for supporting maintenance, repair and production procedures.

The parts manufacturing/precision machining plant of GAMMA has wide experiences and extensive production capacities in the field of processing metals and plastics. Precision machining is operated as an independent production unit, its processes and machinery are constantly developed in order to maintain the high productivity level and impeccable quality of workpieces.

Along with manufacturing complete instruments and subassemblies, as a part of our local support GAMMA specializes in the assembly, commision, maintenance, repair and overhaul of 3rd parties’ products.

Main services:
Production, maintenance and repair capabilities