Radioactive particle monitoring systems



  • Emission-control of nuclear facilities and radiological
  • Emission-control of technologies of isotope production
    or emitting plants


  • User-defined alarm and emergency levels
  • Measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • Continuous, uninterrupted measurements
  • Four (can be expanded if needed) types of filters
  • Isotope identification
  • Measurement of noble gases
The system measures the amount and activity of the emitted radioactive materials. The base configuration that can be extended on demand, contains four types of air filters. It is capable to continuously show measurement information to the users online, trigger alarms and send emergency stop signal to the connected systems if the activity is above the pre-set threshold level or the measured activity-increase is significant. The system generates error messages if the filters are torn, damaged, obturated or the filter contains a pre-set amount of activity.
The system contains no moving parts (automatic filter-exchanger) to maximise reliability. Hence the software algorithm the system has an optimised filter lifetime. With the use of sandwich detectors it is possible to evaluate the quality and quantity of the radiation, determining if it is alpha, beta or gamma radiation, as well as it is also capable of gamma spectroscopy. The system measures the air-flow and temperature parameters, monitors the input power and reports any non-authorised entry into the system.