The Vehicle Division's activities include the development and production of new vehicles, the second stage vehicle manufacturing and conversion, modernization of existing equipment as well the support of the vehicle integration of company's own and represented products. The product range offers different versions of the own developed light armoured vehicle family, special purpose other vehicles and own developed, certificated trailers.
During the vehicle development, production works and implementation of modernization and conversion tasks we always put into the focus the complete satisfaction of our customers the application of innovative solutions, materials and economical procedures.
The work of the division is supported by the teams of young, qualified mechanical and electrical engineers. Using up-to date computer simulation and planning tools they not only preparing the manufacturing documentations but they support the initial planning and designing tasks and carry out the scaling duties for feasibility studies.
The Division’s motto is the flexible, high quality implementation which can satisfy specific and unique demands.

Thanks to well-equipped workshops and skilled professionals we have vast experience and number of references in design and production of:
• functional interior elements
• complete vehicle interiors even sealed, isolated and easy to clean ones
• integrated systems
• special purpose trailers, trucks, vehicles, platforms
Main product categories of the division:

Light armoured vehicles
Our company has several decades of experience in conversion of special purpose vehicles and in unique capability integration into existing vehicles. As a continuation of this activity in 2010 with the cooperation of Respirator Company who merged into Gamma in 2015 we stepped further and under the“ light armoured NBC reconnaissance vehicle” we did not just our traditional business but we developed and built the base vehicle itself as well. That was the birth of the first member of the RDO type and Komondor named vehicle family the RDO-3221 ABV recce vehicle. Based on this success and the gathered experiences later on new modified variants were built, the 4x4 light armoured medical evacuation vehicle (RDO-3921 AMB), the 6x6 light armoured half body vehicle recovery variant (RDO-3932 REC), and recently we has finished the development of the smallest version of the family the RDO 3121 which is highly usable in urban environment or for recce missions. The capabilities of the division and support organizations is well demonstrated by the development and production of the radiation shielded RDO-3221 RSV vehicle which was build on the base of the previous ABV version, according to special user requirement.
During the development one of the main aims was to create a vehicle family that capable satisfy unique demands and can provide multipurpose usability. This is exemplified by the existing variants, for instance the medical evacuation version can be converted into troop carrier, command post or any type vehicle which required closed, protected compartment in short time, or for example as an unique solution in its category there is a possibility to put any type of functional superstructure to the 6x6 version instead of the recent vehicle recovery one. As the latest development we can mention the multipurpose mission tailored, double cab RDO-4336 variant which with its unique interchangeable superstructure system can be the basic vehicle of disaster management organizations. It capable to interact in harsh environment and able to fulfil firefighter, technical rescue or for example winter road clearance tasks.
Examples mentioned above demonstrate that the design and final configuration of vehicle could be widely variable which only limited by engineering possibilities. According to the customer demands there is a possibility to change the protection level from almost zero to high calibre protecton (as a basic the vehicle family members have level 2 ballistic and 2a/2b mine blast protection according to NATO STANAG 4569), it is also possible to change the element of drive line, or use different dimensional solutions, and of course there could be a high number of different final configuration, finalization tailored by unique requirements.
Our company is open and ready to develop and construct any vehicle that appropriate to your individual demands.

Special Vehicles
For several years one of the main part of the jobs of our Division has been the production of special role vehicles (mobile laboratory, communication vehicle, decontamination vehicle, command post, etc…), the modernization and/or modification of existing vehicles. These activities include the specification of the base vehicle, the planning of the layout and design according to the customers demand, the second stage vehicle manufacturing, or superstructure production according to the agreed plans, execution of required evaluations and certifications, the vehicle registration, documentation.
Within the framework of continuous consultation with our customers we have been always paying high attention to meet the expressed needs, to use innovative and economical solutions. We are offering a solution for our costumer to save money. They don't have to get rid of your whole vehicle and buy a completely new. We can modernize or refurbish their recent ones according to customized requirements by installing, integrating up-to-date elements, systems.

Our company undertake to plan, to design, to manufacture and to put into service special, customized trailers and capable to do modification and modernization of existing vehicles. The design can be varied, it could be one our double axle version, fitted with civilian or adjustable military towing equipment, braked or without brake, open, closed or courtain sided version. We manufacture trailers with built in power supply for individual operation capability or versions for being able to operate from external power supply. The design and facilities could be almost any kind depend on the costumers needs. We have already got many different versions with international type approval.
In addition the production of own designed trailers we also modernize, rebuild, modify the existing outdated, obsolete ones.