Individual CBRN protective equipment – gas masks, filter canisters, escape hoods, filtration/isolation type protective suits and its application supporting items – and fire fighter suits.
GAMMA Technical Corporation’s PPE division is based on the former Respirátor Company that had been founded in 1928 with the purpose of manufacturing respiratory protective equipment and had been operating in this field as an independent firm until 2015 when it merged into GAMMA.

The production of Respirátor® NBC and industrial filter canisters is therefore based on almost 90 years of experience and track records. During this period we made serious efforts in design and development of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to provide solutions for personnel in military, law enforcement, first responder, fire-fighting and industrial sectors.

In addition to respiratory protective equipment, our company also produces filtering type chemical protective suites and firefighter protective suites.

The line of Personal Protective Equipment continues to be manufactured and marketed under the Respirátor® brand.