Zsitnyányi Attila

Welcome to the website of Gamma Technical Corporation!

It is my great pleasure to introduce the activity and product line of the
GAMMA Technical Corporation, a significant defence equipment manufacturer company, with the widest defence product portfolio in Hungary.

Core competences

GAMMA was founded in 1920 and with several decades of experience Gamma's products are mainly made for military, civil protection and radiation protection applications.
Our extensive product range consists of radiation detection and measuring instruments, integrated CBRN/HazMat reconnaissance systems, monitoring and early warning networks, meteorological instruments, as well as reconnaissance and first response vehicles, personal respiratory protective equipment, decontamination and field deployable supporting equipment, special purpose vehicles and trailers.
The company has developed the Hungarian “KOMONDOR” Light Armoured Vehicle Family, too.

We are developing, manufacturing and implementing:

  • Scintillation crystals, detectors
  • Radiation reconnaissance devices
  • Radiation measuring instruments
  • Fixed and portable radiation portal monitor systems
  • Local and countrywide monitoring networks and early warning systems
  • Monitoring stations
  • Data acquisition software
  • Meteorological instruments
  • Custom devices
  • Personal respiratory protective equipment
  • Filter canisters
  • Protective suits
  • Decontamination systems
  • CBRN reconnaissance and first response vehicles
  • Special purpose vehicles and trailers
  • Light Armoured vehicles
  • Field camp equipment
  • Simulation and training systems
Our services:
  • Component manufacturing
  • Precision machining
  • Training and Simulation
  • OEM production
  • Engineering and design
  • Software development
  • Prototyping
  • Quality testing
  • 7/24 maintenance services
  • Contract assembly
  • Commercial representation

Our partners shall access to our products and services via our specialized divisions as follows:
  • Personal Protective Equipment Division
  • Measuring Instruments Division
  • Nuclear Devices Division
  • Field Deployable Supporting Systems Division
  • Special Vehicles Division
  • Precision Machining / OEM R&D and production Divison
  • Test laboratories
  • Defence Division(Military & Civil)
International cooperation

We have wide range of international cooperation which covers representation of different products, integration foreign products into our systems, using special items during OEM production, having commercial partners and running common R&D projects.
We are the Hungarian representative of number of different worldwide acknowledged products (measuring equipment, NBC products, nuclear devices, deco products, etc.), for more than 70 partner companies worldwide.
Our representation includes local support (maintenance, repair or even the development and production of the Hungarian version of their products).
During our system integration task, time to time we use foreign parts as well.
We are ready to cooperate with any company when they can offer valuable and special solutions.
We also open for find common solutions.
Based on our past and recent experiences we have capabilities for part and OEM production or R&D in international cooperation.
We run many programs in cooperation with foreign institutes and companies aiming to reach a new market.
We believe that above the benefits arising from the quality of our products, and the lack of grand political aims and power of our country, it is also very important that we are able to manufacture unique products in small series for our customers.
We are ready for the technology transfer too!
With our decades of experience in development and manufacturing you are encouraged to try our products and entrust our experts and engineers with finding the best solution for your needs.

Group of companies

With all our expertise, we are open to support our partners in the planning and realization of any kind projects in our fields of activity.
GAMMA has always been involved in the R&D of innovative technological solutions, where our intention is to pay special attention to the demand of our Customers.
But with US, you can reach a our group of companies, with other experties on different fields.

Main GAMMA Group members:

GAMMA Technical Corporation (development and production)
CBRN Hungary Ltd (trading)
TESTLAB Ltd (accredited test laboratories)
Artifex Ltd (Simulation and training systems)
Hungarian Defence Holding (trading)
TechInvest Ltd (incubator)
MLR Tech Ltd (project management, nationwide monitoring networks)
GAMMA Park Ltd (facility management)
Inter-Mentor Ltd (facility management)
Mentorex Ltd (facility management)

In the website, we are glad to give you some information about GAMMA, a short summary of our product portfolio and capabilities what we think and hope to be of interest to you.
Please take the time and download our presentation and the product catalogues, datasheets of our company using the links on this site.
Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always be at your service with pleasure.

Your sincerely,

Attila Zsitnyányi

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